Various stories; computer fiction

Christmas stories

Gather round the fire, and hear about the golden age of computing
Rudolf the red - the first story, version 2
Rudolf the red - the first story
Rudolf the red strikes again
Rudolf's revenge
Rudolf, it's always Christmas and never winter
Rudolf and the new Operating System from the Very Big Company
A horror story for Christmas

Magic stories

If you own a computer, clap your hands
If you own a computer, clap your hands (short version)
How computers really work
The magic word processor

How things work

How to do your own maintenance
Various items of useful information
Where the bugs in software come from
The Database of Infinity
Pointers, linked lists and hashing
The Universal spreadsheet model
Tuning up your computer
How networks work - Someone Else's Problem
Sparkling Marsupials - How to write a database
The first article I ever wrote on viruses
The Quest for Help
The programmer and his craft
The disinformation center

Tales from the Flying Disk Doctor

A good thump, my first ever data recovery
A Two Hamburger problem
George and Mildred
You win one, you lose one
A Comedy of Errors
The Big Disk
Crime and Punishment
Another Big Disk
A lot of Hah!
A close shave
Fixing a disk
A determined effort
The Big Bang
The Oriental Express
Three useless backups
The refrigerator
Some you win, some you lose.
Rounding up the bytes

Sherlock Holmes stories

The case of the Bent Banker
The hound of the Baskervilles
The Case of the Crack of Doom

April 1st stories

The 12 bit byte
Opal Filor, the next generation database
Unformatting a hard disk (written before it was ever possible)
How to double your diskette capacity


An unfinished story, chapter 1
An unfinished story, chapter 2
The History of Programming, part 1
The History of Programming, part 2
The Ten Commandments
Let my people go
The Doomsday Virus (written before I'd actually seen a virus)
Computers are fun
There's one born every minute